Lyon Home Asset Management Plan

We have developed an exciting and unique new service for our valued customers. It is called the Home Asset Management Plan. Just as you may have a portfolio manager to manage and oversee your financial investments, we will provide a similar service, and become the “asset manager” for your home which is probably your most valued investment.

Would you like to have a trusted advisor helping you with your recurring maintenance, repairs, and small projects around the home as well as general remodeling? We have developed such an “asset management program” for our homeowners.

The Home Asset Plan is a comprehensive program of services:

~ To provide you, the homeowner, with a trusted and reliable partner for maintaining and enhancing the value of your home and grounds.
~ To assist you in identifying short and long term needs and desires for maintenance, routine service, repairs, and general remodeling projects.
~ To have a ‘one call’ emergency response available – no matter what the problem.
~ To develop a comprehensive plan and schedule which will systematically take care of both these short and long-term needs.
~ To assist you in developing a vision of how your home will look in the future upon completion of the long-range plan
~ To eliminate your concerns for scheduling projects, finding reliable workers to perform the tasks, and then wondering if the work will be done right, in a timely manner, and at a fair price.

Why the Plan was Developed:

One of the most significant problems facing homeowners today is finding reliable workmen to take care of normal maintenance and repairs that are a part of home ownership. Everyone has busy lives these days. Will you be comfortable with workmen in your home when you can’t be there? Let us manage all aspects of the work for you … bring in our trusted workmen and subcontractors and have your asset manager report directly to you.

When you do decide to remodel your kitchen or bath, add a room or plan some other major project you have to start by searching for an architect, a contractor and hope they are the right ones. With the Plan all that work and worry is gone.

To find out more about this unique program, call us at (408) 871-8665 or e-mail us. We will gladly explain the program in detail, and provide you with a full understanding of the program that will provide you with “peace of mind”. Thank you.

“Peter Lyon’s company was excellent. We chose the best, and it paid off in dividends.”
-Veronica Cortes and Scott Griggs, Campbell


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