Home Improvement Project Planning Checklist

Planning your home improvement project can often be a complicated and confusing process. As a highly-experienced remodeling contractor, Peter Lyon has found that identifying the key project specifics and objectives as early as possible in the project planning phase significantly reduces the headaches and confusion that so often can be associated with home improvement projects.

To help start any home remodeling or repair project off on the right foot, we’ve put together this helpful home improvement project planning checklist for you. Taking the time to get clear on your answers to these questions, and sharing your answers with us will help us deliver the results you desire.

~ How would you briefly describe your home improvement project?
~ What stage of the process are you currently in—for example, do you have existing sketches, working professional drawings, permits, or perhaps just a general idea or vision of what you’d like to do?
~ Do you have any special issues or concerns to be addressed with the home improvement project?
~ What rooms will be part of the remodel—will this be a kitchen remodeling project or a bath remodeling project (or perhaps a living room, laundry room, family room, great room bedroom, garage, dining room, or basement makeover)?
~ Are you interested in assistance with creative ideas and solutions?
~ What will the budget range be for the renovations to be done?
~ When can this project start?
~ When does the home improvement project need to be finished?
~ What level of craftsmanship and material quality do you expect to be provided by your remodeling contractor? For example:

Good – An ideal balance between quality and price.
Moderate – Timing and/or price are most important to me.
High-End – I prefer only the highest quality craftsmanship and materials to be used in the renovations.
Don’t Know – If you’re not really quite sure where you stand on this or other questions contact us —we’re here to help!

Are there other important construction methods or materials to be taken into consideration (examples might include aiming to achieve an energy efficient green home, using low VOC materials, striving to take advantage of potential home improvement tax credits, and so on)?

By identifying as many helpful details as possible about the home improvement project at hand, we’ll be able to ensure we can answer all of your questions and provide only the most accurate and affordable estimates for you. And again, if you’re not quite sure where you stand on any of these questions, please don’t fret—that’s why we’re here to help you.

Please Contact Us for a free initial consultation to explore all of the possibilities for ensuring your unique home improvement project is carried out without the headache or hassle that so often burdens home remodeling projects.

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