What we mean when we say “Green”

GREEN, one of the most prevalent colors on the planet, is the natural color of healing, health and well-being.

When we say “green” we are speaking to the heart of the matter- how we can most easily, and cost-effectively design and build a remodel for the betterment of all parties concerned.

Much has been written and spoken about the need to “go green”, to make the earth a better place to live. And much of the rhetoric has been, quite frankly, misleading. While many new and innovative technologies do exist that do make a positive difference (i.e. leave a smaller carbon footprint) , some “new” green practices and technologies only further the notion that “going green” is too expensive, or is not yet field-tested and proven to be sustainable.

Sustainability really should mean that there is zero impact on the environment, that doing things the way of Nature will have no deleterious effects at all- just like Mother Nature herself!

We achieve these goals by incorporating “approved” and/or “certified green” building materials and technologies into our remodels. Federal, state, local, and private agencies do extensive testing to approve only those materials that meet stringent criteria for acceptance. While the “green” industry is still relatively new, many parties are very concerned that we meet or exceed traditional levels for code-acceptance.

Peter Lyon incorporates “forest-certified” lumber, more “natural” products such as cork, re-cycled products, and no- and low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) stains and paints. We use advanced framing materials and technologies to speed framing times (labor savings) and to minimize waste (less hauling fees and less landfill). During the design phase, we consider all aspects of the impact of a remodel on a home- not only the “cost” of the project in labor and material terms, but also the future costs associated with regular on-going maintenance, the life cycle of the products chosen, and what the lasting health impacts will be for the family. It is truly a holistic project.

As humans, we are truly a part of nature, and NOT apart from Nature. Peter Lyon believes that we owe ourselves the best possible way of Life . . . and that with some basic common sense and sensibility to ‘how’ and ‘what’ we are building we can quite easily, and cost-effectively, create buildings that are both sustainable and healthy for us all.

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